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I was so happy when Beverly Randolph agreed to do another interview! She truly cares for her fans and we all love her for it! Enjoy!

Thanks so much for doing another interview. I know you have been a very busy lady!

You are welcome. Thank you too for the request, I am honored!

The recent big news is the release of More Brains! A Return To The Living Dead. How did this come about? What can fans expect from the DVD?

This came about when our manager, Mike Perez, came to me and asked if I'd be interested in doing the documentary with Thommy Hutson. Thommy has done a few other very successful horror documentaries so I was thrilled and said yes. The fans can expect to laugh and cry. This is the definitive, last word on it all. It is also Dan O'Bannon's last interview. I am so proud of it.

You have a ROTLD wine. Is it sold only around Halloween?

Yes, it's called "Return of the Living Red." We don't sell it because we don't have a license to. We mostly give it away and take it to parties as a part of our host/hostess gift.
I have a brother in law who is an award winning wine maker and he makes it for us! I have to talk to him about selling it.

I love the soundtrack. Do you own it? What kind of music do you enjoy?

I do own the sound track and love it! Still after all these years, it's great music to listen to. Last night at our party we played, George Straight, James Taylor, Diana Ross and I always love Michael Buble & Andrea Bocelli. Oh, and I have a cd (from the 80's I think) that I love in french, Joe Dassin - Les Indispensables. I guess I have an eclectic music palate!

How old were you when filming ROTLD? Did you take anything from the set?

I was 19. I didn't take anything from the set but my script, chair back and 1 outfit. I do have the fake teeth Tony Gardner made for me but I didn't use.
Yes, biggest horror, I threw my outfit away in a feng shui moment of less is more. Ugh! Brian Peck was the big pillager on our show. He is quite the collector of film and TV memorabilia.

I read a past interview about the time you and Miguel Nunez went to a club and Rick James was there. Care to share again? LOL!

What a night that was! Miguel is quite the party guy. After the night club, we all went back to the hotel in hollywood, Chateau Marmont. Rick James had a cottage suite with a pool there.
It was a Motown studded celebrity party. When all the girls started taking their clothes off and jumping in the pool, I grabbed my girlfriend and started to leave. It was hard talking her into leaving as she had never seen a party quite like that! Oh and yes, Miguel "kissed" me. Yes, great

What is something you would love to do, but haven't yet?

Travel around the world and see it all. In all the traveling we do for my husbands work and my appearances, we have never been off this continent. When he isn't working, we just want to stay home. That needs to change at some point.

With all the horror fans I'm connected with, I have never heard a bad thing about you. What would really piss you off?

Not much upsets me. If everyone plays by the rules, I'm a happy girl! I was extremely heated at a convention we went to not that long ago. I don't think they promoted the convention and it was empty! All weekend nobody was there. We didn't have a guarantee (dumb on our part) we didn't make any money. We actually spent more than we made and the promoter never had the decency to apologize or even be very gracious. But I had a great time with the other guests and we had a lot of laughs about it!

What is the strangest thing a fan has asked you to autograph?

An antique bottle of formaldehyde and personal body parts to be tattooed.

What else are you currently working on?

Keeping my sanity. No, actually just getting ready for what I think is our last appearance for the year in El Paso! Promoting "Get More Brains" our documentary on "The Return of the Living Dead" films. I am anxious to see what's around the corner for 2012. I am also working on a Christmas CD sung by 12 horror scream queens that can actually sing! Very preliminary. I think that could be a lot of fun to do.

Who could you see playing 'Tina' now?

My first thought when I read this question was that crazy italian girl Snookie? Just kidding though...Tina was suppose to be Italian that's why my hair was dyed black (even though the color didn't hold well) Hmmmm, I think it would have to go to an undiscovered ingenue. I like seeing new faces.

Silly questions.

If they did a Xena movie and asked you to be in it, would you?

Would LOVE to!

I've been a huge General Hospital fan since high school. Do you watch any soaps?

No. I do remember Luke and Laura's wedding though!

What is one thing you have to do/have every single morning to start your day?

Coffee and a hot bath! Oops, that's two but done together.
TreSa, thanks so much as always!

More Brains! A Return to the Living Dead

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I was delighted to interview the wonderful Audrey Michelle. Not only is she a spoken word artist, but also a published author and model. Like all in life, she has been through many obstacles, but Audrey Michelle expresses them with her powerful words and presence. I appreciate her taking the time to answer my questions.

How long have you been a spoken word artist and model?

I have been a Poet for about six years. I brought in the spoken word portion about 5 years ago. I started modeling 4 years ago in an attempt to promote my writing. It is an exciting field but it is far from my focus.

You have a very impressive college background. Tell us about your education.

I love to learn and I constantly need my feed of knowledge. I graduated with a degree in Elementary Education with a concentration in math. I ended up in the field of sales and I became very interested in technology. I became certified in several software programs, web design, Internet marketing and search engine optimization. I then took graduate courses in Technology Management. With my new turn in life I plan to start my Master’s degree in Psychology this March.

I know you have gone through many difficult things in your life. Is this what drives you to write so many powerful creations?

My past drives my being today, my emotions, experiences and turmoil. So yes, my past creates every word that I put to paper. The power of those words lies in the fact that each piece is a story, an epiphany. Everything I write is from my heart and each is another stone along my path towards emotional health.

Not only am I a big fan of yours, but also Lydia Lunch and her work. What do you think of her style?

Just that; it’s her style. Her work was very unique and she was fearless. She lived a painful life yet used the pain to provide goodness to the world. I believe her to be a true hero.

You have a book out with another in the works. What can people expect from Vanity? The Pieces of Audrey Michelle?

Vanity? Was my first book and I am proud to have published it. However, it is made up of a lot of work that holds no overall meaning. I believe that goes to my state of mind at the time that it was released. I am working on my second book “Surviving Insanity” now. I believe it to be a more accurate portrayal of the journey one takes to relieve themselves of the pains and tortures of their life, and the strength found upon that path.

I also admire that you write poetry. It is something I absolutely have no talent for. What inspires you?

Emotions… Those deeply felt. In the last year however, I have learned to write on ideas and thoughts. As I have been recovering I don’t seem to feel the depth of emotions that I was forced to survive prior.

What are you currently working on?

I am working on the book, bettering my writing skills (always), advocating for the victims of abuse and of course, being a mommy. :)

I really have been enjoying getting to know you better and appreciate you taking the time for this interview! Please tell our reader how to find you?

Currently I am mostly concentrating on my Facebook page:
My spoken word may be accessed at:

Thank you for asking; truly an honor!

Some work – Pieces along the path towards recovery:







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I was so happy when the talented Reagan Richards agreed to do an interview. She is humble and has a true passion for music. Enjoy!

When you were a kid, you did modeling and a vocal performance on The Steve Allen Show. What was that like for you?

Well they were 2 entirely different experiences. The modeling was when i was much younger.....quite frankly, i actually hated it. I was a kid, starting at 3 and going til about 6 or 7. See, I liked to play & eat & get dirty and really didn't understand why i had to put all these different outfits on to take pictures. Kids don't get stuff like that.
My mother told me she'd have to bribe me and say, "if you just stand for a few more outfits, I'll get you candy".
I must have had some ill feelings towards the whole modeling scene because at 7 years old I wrote my first song titled, "Count Me Out (I Don't Wanna Be in Pictures)"
I truly do believe deep down it was resentment of those "modeling years".
I guess at 7, reflections on my life at that point felt pretty intense. Intense enough to write about.

The Steve Allen Show was when i was 10 years old.
I sang "I've Got a Crush on You Sweetie Pie". I remember him being a very nice man who loved my voice and asked me how a kid my age would know a song like that.
My mom was a big band singer & that's what I grew up hearing... Old standards & jazz. But, again, at 10 i didn't realize the icon that Steve Allen was....I find it a great thing now, of course~~~ but then it didn't resonate much.

What was it like to play with Les Paul at so many events?

I could go on & on about Les.
Les was an incredible part of my professional life and it's something that for the rest of my life, I will always hold so dear to me.
Ya know, it's funny, I was just discussing with another musician about the "perks" in the business. Not every gig is going to be that AMAZING mind blowing gig. It's just the reality of it.
But with Les, it WAS that amazing journey. I sang with him for about 4 years....and I remember after the 1st time I sang with him, I was told, "You are officially part of the Les Paul Family." That is something I treasure immensely.
I went on to do shows with him & tributes to him across the country. Here I was at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Los Angeles with so many music greats and I earned my part on that stage. It was a surreal, but accomplished, great feeling.
It's a very sad thing that he is gone, but those memories will always live on....and for me, if I go on in the future to have absolute unbelievable milestones...the Les days will never lessen in it's importance.

Who are some of the other people you have performed with?

I've been very fortunate over the years to be able to share the stage with some amazing performers. I worked very hard to prove myself in this industry & I'm thankful that there were people that took notice.
Having said that, without name dropping, I will leave it at that I have worked with absolutely incredible performers and have loved every minute of it.
But what I will say is that I owe so, so much of what I have done to Les Paul and my team at that time who produced all these shows that I had the honor of performing in. These people are the reason that I got to work with so many great artists. It's having someone believe in you, in what you do and put you out there. I can never forget that.

But in reality, I'm finding that for me, it's seeming arrogant sometimes to name drop people, which is why I'm not doing it in this particular interview.
People that know me know what I have done and who I have shared the stage with.
That's not what defines me as an artist.
What I do now...writing on my own, expressing myself with my words and really being out there as ME, not a side person for a major artist...that's what's cool to me.
But quite honestly, I really love singing, working with & supporting up & coming artists tremendously. I am a huge fan of New York tri-state area artists like Christine Martucci, Kyle Cousins & Laura Cheadle. I also am honoured to know Camille French, an Australian artist who I had the pleasure of sharing a Les Paul show with.
I also just work with some truly excellent musicians~~Musicians that are just great PEOPLE first & foremost.
They are the people that make my shows what they are....and I couldn't do it without them over the years.
These people work so hard and are such beautiful spirits....their names are just as important, if not moreso, than the people whose names you recognize..

What inspires you to write and sing?

Wow. Big question.
For writing, I'm inspired by so much & sometimes i feel it's too much. I get ideas flooding into my head & there are times i can't keep up with it.
But truly, as far as my writing goes if I'm going to be somewhat specific...i started out always writing subjectively & have sort of carried that on until almost the present.
My one song "Freedom to Be' was sort of an anthem for just being who I am & not being afraid to say it. I think probably every artist has one of those songs, I'm certainly no different.
I think the most vulnerable I have gotten thus far is my current song & music video, which is for "OK".
It's really a song about how I dealt with death. Showing the ugly side of it and how you can go crazy & people can think you're crazy. In the end I do try to keep it uplifting and say "I'll be ok". But that particular song came from a traumatic experience. But I didn't sit down & say "OK, now I'm going to write about said traumatic experience." It doesn't work like that. I have to feel.
And I really, really, really felt and it eventually came out in a song.

But now in my writings, I'm starting to take myself out of these songs & write about people and just possible scenarios as opposed to always being the lead character.
And really, sometimes, just a really good melody can pop into my head and I'm that nut on the street corner singing into my phone.
My phone is full of that. And my old phone was stolen, so some jerk has about 18 songs that he or she could put together.
Singing....inspiration? Hmmmm, well for me, I think it always has to go back to your 1st memory of doing something & the feeling you got when you did it. Because when you are a kid and you spend a lot of time doing something, it's because you wanted to.
I grew up listening to my mother~ taking her old records and singing them. But I never wanted anyone to ever hear me sing so I'd crawl in a corner of my room, hunch over and just bust out these notes. To this day, everyone finds it funny that when I hit high notes I hunch over. Usually people have to expand their diaphragm to an extent...I guess just from such an early age I did it differently.

And then I think what keeps me going as far as my musical inspiration is myself. I say it all the time...singing is not that terribly difficult. It's how you work around the notes & the style you develop. An A is an A no matter what~but it's how you put your personality into it that makes the difference. I sort of get off on the constant development of my style. I'm always experimenting.

How would you describe your music?

That is the question.
I personally find it hard to describe my music because I've never wanted to give someone that artist to start comparing me to.
But in reality, people have said & this is actually a funny one~ "A Portishead, Patsy Cline", which oddly I find as an awesome compliment.
I'm not sure any 2 songs on the album are going to match up completely in style. I'm in different places mentally when I write take a song like "Freedom to Be" & "OK"....totally different mindsets.
Does it mean they can't go on the same album? Why not?
But if I had to label my sound~~I'd say i have a bit of a retro pop sound.

Is there someone you would love to work with?

Hands down. Listen~ I love so, so many artists. But for me, vocally, I can imagine our voices together..
I have a tremendous love for Bowie's tone & inflections and I'd like to think that I have similarities in my stylings as well.
So, yes, Bowie.'d be DEBBIE HARRY. She's such an icon.
God, we could totally do "Rapture" together & I'd be a happy girl.

When can we expect the new album?

I'm looking to have the EP finished by December....hopefully the full album by mid 2012.

You have 2 music videos, "FREEDOM TO BE" & "OK". Explain that process.

I've always been a very "visual" person. I grew up watching music videos & to this day when I think of some of my favorite bands, I envision their videos.
So, immediately after I complete a song...I start to think about the visual storyline I'd like to go with it.
Obviously, in "Freedom"...if it went with a literal visual translation, it would be a completely different video.
So I went with something a bit more abstract.
When i wrote the treatment for it...I automatically thought "Bizarre".
I took it to my director, Ben Dixon, in Nashville & we got everything together: the cast, wardrobe, locations...and made it happen.
I wanted to get across in that video that "outside the box" can be normal.....It was my first music video and I fell in the love with the process. I'm a work horse, too.
I thrive on experimenting, creating, doing "one more take" for safety and just always putting out the best product that I know I can.

In "OK"...I knew when I wrote it that if I did a video, it would be a different nature altogether.
I knew it had to get across the pain I had...and I feel it did.
I showed every aspect of my, photos, glam stuff ~but then I had to put the real, ugly un-pretty reality .....and that was that deep down I was going crazy. This truly was autobiographical.
Ben did an amazing job really capturing the intensity. Sometimes you can watch a movie or even hear a song & they JUST miss "getting" it.
I think we got it.

So for me, video making really goes hand in hand with the writing of the album. I'll always make videos.
It's just extending the expression.

Is there a charity you would like people to know about?

I am so incredibly honored to be part of a company SHARE THE MIC.....I was the very first artist signed to STM Ken Daniels calls me "STM's First Lady".....
But Share the Mic is a new movement for artists and musicians on a global scale to bring awareness to the challenges that many people face on a day to day basis. I work with Cancer Foundations all over the country.....most recently with Fran Drescher's foundation, Cancer Schmancer.
This can be a full time job. You know how many people are affected by this??????????
My father died from that terrible disease and it really became clear to me that I needed to be more than
"Reagan Richards: the vocalist".......because in the whole entire scheme of life, Who cares?
I'm one of many. There are a ton of "Reagan Richards" out there. I'm not saying that to minimize myself...I'm saying it because for me, even though I do what I do, I love doing what I do and I have done it for a long time......there had to be more.
There had to be a reason I was doing it.
As artists, we can tend to be so self centered, egotistical, narcissistic ....admittedly, I've gone down that path & speak from experience.
But I realized after suffering through my fathers death & realizing that "this is it~this is your life" had to be about more than just me.
So I really took on this mission with Share The Mic with a passion. It has
brought me so much....for one, I believe it has helped me with my personal pain.
I was done before.
I can say it.
I was good for nothing...had no passion~felt like, "Why bother with just die anyway."
Through meeting so many people, traveling & being part of these charity shows~speaking out and having a mission...I really found that passion for life.
It has made me as a person & an artist so much more fulfilled.

When not writing songs or singing, what do you enjoy doing?

For is everything. It really is.
I'm always thinking of a big show or where I'm going next, what I can sing, write or play and how it's ALL going to pan out.
And sometimes that can be very lonely in my world. Seriously it can be. Because I don't necessarily let anyone in on that process.
So for my down time~
I just enjoy spending time with people that are real.
As you go through life, you tend to really value the genuine people that you can sit and have good conversation with...or a good cup of coffee. I hit up every coffee house in New York City. And to be honest, I don't even like coffee.

And it's funny, I always joke that "I'm crazy"....and I am. Don't get me wrong. I'm not wrapped terribly tight in all facets of my life.
But in all honesty, and I just talked about this with my best friend, Liz....I'm unconventional in a lot of my thoughts and how I may approach something ...
But when it comes down to it....I have an keen sense of what really is the deal.
I'm an exceptionally perceptive person and I sort of can go off on that to an extreme sometimes...
So, yeah...people are a great way to spend time.

What are some of your favorite bands or artists and who did you grow up listening to?

My earliest memory of music is I said, my mother was a big band singer and I really got that first hand knowledge of music from her. I'd go through her records and just sit for hours upon hours listening and learning and then just singing them.
Then my oldest sister introduced me to The Beatles. It was something that to me, was just an experience that words couldn't describe. I was 7 or 8 and here I am singing, "Father McKenzie, writing the words of a sermon that no one will hear…no one comes near."
And then I'd turn around & try to switch off doing the melody & harmony of "Please, Please Me"
So, that got me hooked. And at 7, that was a full time job because their catalogue was quite extensive.
I would say from then I just really took to interesting I said, Bowie & Blondie.
I also then became so in love with the New Wave/ New Romantic sound. There is something about a haunting synthesizer and a dynamic vocal that is like nothing else. It sucks me in.
To this day, I'm trying to recreate a version of that sound that works for me and is my own take on it.
And I couldn't do this interview without mentioning Madonna.
Madonna just encompassed what I feel an artist should be. First of all, she had great songs that people really liked. Whether people want to deny it now or not, there was probably at least one Madonna song that they found that they liked to hear.
And secondly, point blank....she was a marketing genius. There would be no Gaga today without Madonna paving the way. Absolutely NOT.
I was Madonna 3 years in a row for Halloween as a kid. I was fascinated by her.
As I got older, I started to branch out and take in other genres of music. I got introduced to the sound of Patsy Cline and other retro country artists. There was a "realness" in their sound that I really appreciated.
Living in Nashville and doing so many country demos, I got a chance to toy with different sounds and phrasings and feels. It's an amazingly honest way of performing.
I found that with blues, as well. I had a blues band in Nashville and I felt that was really an open, free, genuine way of expressing myself.

So, I've really been around the block, so to speak, with all types of music.
And I really feel that is how a real artist comes to find their style.
You never say, "OK! I LOVE Madonna. I am going to try to sound exactly like her!!!"
You take bits & pieces of your influences over the years and find your style.
Billie Holiday once said, "If I'm going to sing like someone else, then I don't need to sing at all."
I couldn't agree more.

Describe your personal style.

I really mix it up alot and don't think I can necessarily be defined by one look.
For starters, I know who I am. I never try to look like anyone else.
I just tap into different parts of me everyday. I just grab a lot of pieces and throw them together & then alter them to make them different or add an accessory to make it pop.
I love the "creating" because it's just like music....but with this it's building a look verses a sound.
I like an edgy, chic style, but I mix it up with kind of a "free" feel and that's my hippie and grunge look. I kinda would like to think I can rock the "I didn't brush my hair today" look.
Give me a good rock t-shirt, which I have quite a collection of, with jeans & I'm done.
I would say for the most part, though, I am somewhat of a chameleon. It's all how you feel that day & what you want to say.....I'm not married to anything.
I find alot of these pieces of clothing in cheap little vintage shops and just throw them together with something and it ends up being just fun.
I've figured out, it's not the clothes~it's just how you wear them.

Was Reagan Richards a good student growing up?

Yes. I was an insanely good student.
Not just grade wise but my approach.
I studied incessantly. I took things very seriously.
But that actually is my way even now.
I have a lot of me.
Beyond fun, fun.
But I think I can be so comfortable with that fun because I've done the work and know what I'm doing.
So it's kind of like, "you've eaten all your dinner. You can have your dessert now."
The comfort in my personality comes from knowing that I've prepared and worked and earned the right to have that fun.

Do you ever see yourself NOT wanting to perform?

I don't.
I can honestly say, I don't see myself ever stopping.
Because I think there will always be something I'll want to say.
I'll always want to express myself somehow.
I hope I'll always have people who want to hear what i have to say, sing, write...
But I do also know I will branch into other avenues over time.
I enjoy producing.
I enjoy writing videos and being behind the scenes for other artists.
I enjoy having so many ideas.
Using my brain.
Delving into that part of my brain & tapping into things that maybe not everyone can tap into.
That's what separates people, I think.
I mean, I could never be a doctor.
I just can't tap into that part in my head...chemistry & biology & all that.
But maybe a doctor couldn't tap into what I do.
It's just what makes life so interesting.

Are you a laid back artist or person in general?

Professionally~not necessarily. I have definite ideas of what I want & how I want it done.
I also put a ton of pressure on myself to be a certain way, so I've kind of grown to really want to get that in return professionally.
So, "laid back" probably wouldn't best describe me, but I'm still a hell of a lot of fun.
Sometimes I get stuck on an idea and really fall for it hard, "We HAVE to have THIS guitar sound in this part"....sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.
But the good thing is, if it doesn't work, I'll be the first to say that it wasn't my best idea.
i don't place blame...
As a person, I really can't say if I'm laid back. Probably not. You'd have to ask someone else.
Hyper, yes.

What is with those pictures of you on your head? LOL!

Again, gotta have fun.I'm unpredictable.
One minute...serious conversation.
Next minute, on the head with an accent.
it just works...for me, at least.

Anything else you would like to add?

Sometimes we tend to not think about the people in our lives who have been inspirations, believers, good listeners and friends....
I'm not a diva.
I'm not a narcissist.
I'm not any of those things that people may perceive an artist to me, I know so many that are just honest, good people that I could talk with for hours.
So, to all of you.....Old friends and New know who you are.
Thank you.
I respect you.
And i love you.


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Ya'll will never know how excited I was to find out from Beverly Randolph that she would do an interview for my site! She is really a sweet lady to take time out of her schedule! So, what are we waiting for? Let's see what went on in and out of the set of Return of the Living Dead.

I was 15 when Return of the Living Dead came out. Needless to say I had my ways of getting into the movie and loved every second of it! What is your reaction to how many fans you have and their love for this flick?

Shock, amazement! It's so nice to have all of these great people like you and want to have a piece of you. So happy they like the movies so much and have fun with it.

Okay, I have to know. Are you a horror fan? I've read many articles on actors that aren't, but do the movies.

I am not a horror fan. People come up to me and want to talk horror movies and I am at a complete loss! I do not even care for the Wizard of Oz! (I know, shame on me…lol.)
Too scary for me.

What was it like to be on the set? I know you've mentioned there were camera problems, but what else went on? Any pranksters? Were you a prankster? LOL!

No pranksters that I remember. We did have a really friendly cast and crew. A great bunch of people to work with.

Tina, the character you played was pretty much a preppy type. How close was her character to who you are in real life?

I am definitely Tina.

The cast of Return has a few faces that are known and a few that went on to more success. What made you decide that you were done with acting?

I didn't have the greatest experience on "Return." Dan the director scared me to death. I didn't feel it would be worth it if that is the way it would be. I was young and foolish at the time. Everyone would tell me I had to be tough, nobody said the director was wrong. I know better now. I've learned a lot about Dan and do not hold it against him. He said before his death that he was an ass to me. I appreciate him saying that so much. All is forgiven.

I'm a huge NFL fan and I know that Mark Venturini played "Suicide" in the movie. Sadly he passed away from leukemia at the age of 35. What was he like to work with?

He actually passed away from a brain tumor. Mark was a big teddy bear. He was nothing like his character. He looked more like a surfer with his blonde hair and build. An absolute angel.

What do you think of the sequels of Return?

What sequels? (LOL)

I'm very close with my sis. I never knew you had a twin sister. Ya'll did commercials in 1965 as babies. What did she think of your role in Return?

Yes, my sister and I did commercials and a few films. She thinks it's fun and tells me to do appearances and conventions when I start to think I shouldn't. She says I owe the fans and go! We come from a big Hollywood Film family so it doesn't faze her much. She does think it's fun though.

Okay, now what is this about you having a pilot license?

My husband and I moved to Wisconsin, the beautiful shores of Lake Geneva. I would always look up and say how wonderful it must be to get in a plane and just go… So he surprised me with flying lessons. At first I was petrified but when the instructor let me "take off" and "land" I was hooked and never looked back. What an exhilarating rush.

Would you ever consider going back into acting?

Yes. I feel that if you have a child, you owe it to them to stay home and raise them. They didn't ask to be brought into this scary world. Now that I stayed home and raised mine, it's time for me to do something for myself. I am definitely thinking about it. I have one child and he is now 17.

Has your son seen Return?

I just let my son see the movie last year after he kept telling me that he was the only one out of all of his friends that hadn't seen it!
After he saw it he had a cute grin on his face and seemed to be very proud. He's been to a few conventions too. He can't believe the crowds and fans. He really had no idea what I did before him. It's funny when his friends introduce him to new people and they say "his mom is Tina." Even his friends are proud…it's really cute.

Again, I want to thank Beverly Randolph for doing the interview. Trust me, I had many more questions, but I know she's a busy lady! Here's hoping she does another great horror flick!